Business Banking Solution Match

BMO Bank of Montreal offers a wide variety of banking services and options to fit your Company's business banking needs. For a free analysis of the banking services available for your type of business please complete the questions below.

1.   Which industry best describes your company?   
2.   How long has your company been in business?   
3.   What stage of the business cycle best describes your company?   
4.   Does your company import or export?    Yes    No
5.   Including the owner(s), what is the total number of employees at your company?   
6.   During the last fiscal year, what was your company's total sales revenue?   
7.   What is the total amount of your company's outstanding loans?   
8.   If your company does borrow, how much financing will your company require this year?  
9.   What do you intend to use it for?  
10.   What is your company's average monthly number of transactions in all business deposit accounts?  
11.   Please indicate the amount of cash and/or coin your business deposits on average each week.  
12.   Does your company have multiple locations?    Yes   No
13.   Are your company's customers...
(check all that apply.)
   Other businesses? 
14.   How does your company pay suppliers?...
(Check all that apply.)
Credit Card  
Electronic methods
15.   How does your company pay employees?   
16.   How does your company get information about account activity?   
17.   When does your company need access
to investments?
18.   How would you rate your company's investment risk tolerance?   
High - very comfortable managing my diversified portfolio myself.
Medium - comfortable with a diversified portfolio, but prefer using investment advice.
Low - prefer a portfolio of investments where capital is not at risk.
19.   Choose the statement that best describes your company's interest in technology.   
We are often among the first businesses to acquire/use new technology.
We like to acquire/use new technology fairly quickly after it has been introduced.
We acquire/use new technology, but only after it has been on the market for some time.
20.   Where is your company headquartered?   
21.   If you had to choose the value that best describes your business when it comes to banking, which of the following would you choose?   
22.   If you are open to receiving information about BMO Bank of Montreal's products and services periodically, please provide your e-mail address below:
23.   If you have any comments or questions, please send us an